Redundancy support

Is your job at risk?  Do you know that you are going to be made redundant or has it already happened? Do you need a Plan B?

We can help you decide what to do next that’s best for YOU.  It is a very confusing and upsetting time and major decisions are hard.   We can help via specially tailored 1:1 sessions to get you back up and running again.

We have real experience of redundancy and waiting to see if you are going to either lose your job or have it changed out of all recognition – Bridget has definitely got the t-shirt! You may know exactly what you want to do but not be sure how to go about it or you may not have a clue what comes next – either way BB Careers can get you going again by helping you to focus your thoughts, clearly identify your skills, experience & achievements, offer up options and alternatives, ‘what-ifs’ and ‘dont be dafts’ by giving you clear and objective support – if you think you may want to be an astronaut but ‘working at height’ is not one of your key skills, we will help you to see that an alternative career path is likely to be more fulfilling…(and financially successful)