Evaluating your strengths

 …. and working on any weaknesses…

BBCareers can help you clearly identify what your key skills, experience and achievements are so you can get on and do what you want to do.

So ‘Who are you’ ?

  • What are you good at? What do you think your key skills are? Why do you think you are good at certain things (but not others)
  • What do you know? What experience have you gathered so far in your life?
  • What skills, experience, stuff you know, is ‘transferable’ – what can be used in more than one kind of career?  BBCareers can help you with this kind of analysis – you will have far more transferable skills than you think

What motivates you?

  • working with people, facts and figures, practical outdoor work
  • high salary, high status, lots of pressure & opportunity to perform
  • working alone, working in a team
  • the list is nearly endless…..

Employers will look at your skills, experience and achievements (maybe even try and work out what motivates you) and see if you match their chosen capabilities and behaviours that they are looking for – you could end up being invited to a ‘capability-based interview’ where they will assess you by asking you to use examples of key skills, experience and so on from your past to see if you are their ideal candidate for a future with them.  BBCareers can help you work out what your key strengths are and how to use them to get where you really want to go (not just drift along or be forced to go where you don’t want to)