Refining your CV

Do you need a brand new shiny CV?  Yes? Then I can help you get one

You probably have a CV, even if you haven’t looked at it for a while (one of my clients hadn’t updated his for 12 years!).  When was the last time you really looked at yours?

Here is a list of what should go in a good CV:

  • Who you are!
  • What are your best achievements career-wise so far
  • What experience have you got – make it relevant to the job you are after
  • What skills have you got – again make it relevant – general ‘standard’ CVs are quite easy to spot and get you nowhere
  • Make sure you put all this stuff ‘up-front’ on the first page
  • Put all the boring bits on what GSCEs you’ve got, your referees, contact details etc at the end and on the 2nd page (this is the opposite of how old-fashioned’ CVs used to be presented)
  • Unless you are a very important person don’t make it any longer than 2 sides – many recruiting managers have a short attention span!
  • Spellcheck it and get someone else to read through it properly (me if you want) just to make sure all looks and sounds good

If you are not sure what your best skills, experience and achievements are (or you think you don’t have any!) I can help you to marshall your thoughts – it requires a bit of ‘navel-gazing’ which can be tricky on your own

As time passes don’t ignore your CV and leave it languishing on your computer – when you do something fab at work or master a new skill – add it to your CV – makes the job of updating and refining your CV much easier and makes for a more effective CV in the end, when you need it

Here is a fab site that has loads of stuff on it to help you – sometimes hard to find what you want but it is there, somewhere: