About me and BB Careers

Hello my name is Bridget and BB Careers is all mine so there are no teams of sales people trying to persuade you to come here and spend your money on stuff you don’t need.  If I’m new to you please have a look around my website to see if I can offer you what you need.

I am based in North Nottinghamshire (well almost South Yorkshire really).  If you are looking for some careers advice, a new CV or just someone independent to talk things through, I cover: Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire – so that includes Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Worksop and Lincoln.

I can help you, 1:1, either face to face, by phone or by email – whatever method suits you.

Want to know a bit more about me – here is my LinkedIn profile


Hopefully here is a picture of me if I can get it to appear……and I don’t normally look quite so tidy either!