Why should I try BB Careers?

Many reasons but here are a few I can think of…..

  • I’ve been there and most certainly got the t-shirt. I have returned to work from a career break, I have been stuck in many ruts in my time not knowing which way to go, I have been made redundant (and survived)
  • Your first session with me is free so you can just try it and see and my rates are reasonable
  • Unlike many career coaches and advisers I am not an ‘HR professional’ – some may see this as a disadvantage but I don’t – I have worked all my life in the ‘real’ world – just like you
  • You may get ‘development’ support in your current job why do you need me? Work you do with me is for YOU not for your employer – there is a difference
  • I can help with the practicalities of getting a new job – putting together a good CV, completing a really good application form, polishing a presentation etc.
  • You can come and talk to me direct – I’m not a faceless website or email address
  • Above all I will give you practical, usable advice, I will tell you how it is but without having you run screaming for the hills!